Workforce Flexibility to Stay

Written by: The Yass Phoenix

Workforce Flexibility to Stay

There was a flurry on social media recently when Prime Minister Scott Morrison urged people in paid work to stop working from home and come back to the workplace. This call was prompted by concerns about the lack of workers accessing local businesses such as coffee shops, etc.

However, research conducted by Chief Executive Women (CEW) and Bain & Company, which involved over 2,000 respondents, highlighted an increased appetite for flexible work from employees now and into the future. It finds that “equal take up of flexibility” is seen as the most effective way for overcoming gender equality barriers at work, followed by unbiased recruitment and promotion and leadership.

Specifically, the research showed that 95 per cent of respondents would take up more flexible arrangements over the next three years, if offered, and 80 per cent of respondents believe flexibility is viewed more favourably now, than it was before COVID.

Sixty-three per cent of respondents believe their company is more flexible than it was three years ago. While this might seem like a good result, it highlights how despite the pandemic one-third of employees don’t believe their companies have improved on flexible arrangements.

Announcing the results of the report, CEW President Sam Mostyn AO said that flexibility must be provided equally to men and women in order to maximise the economic benefits it can offer. To make it happen, senior male leaders must lead by example and demonstrate how they’re working flexibility.

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