Results of Phase 1 of the NSW Wine Export Partnership Program

Written by: The Yass Phoenix


Phase 1 of the NSW Wine Export Partnership Program took place from May to October 2022, and was focussed on the United Kingdom (UK).

Seventeen wineries participated in the Program, of which 12 were new to market and five had an existing presence.

As a result of the program:

  • participating wineries had face-to-face exposure to 200 decision-makers
  • 75 per cent of ‘new to market’ wineries are in talks with UK importers
  • Six wines were selected for Matthew Jukes (UK wine writer) annual “Top 100 Australian Wines” listing
  • Participants were given media exposure to 11 sources reaching in excess of 225,000 people.

Here’s a testimonial from a participant in Phase 1, Phil Cassegrain of Cassegrain Wines:

“I can say with confidence that the UK program, with London trip, was an eye-opening experience. Being new to market, simply reading and speaking via email/Zoom helps somewhat, however, it was being on the ground experiencing it first-hand which helped me form a deeper understanding of the UK consumer, trends and market overall.”

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