NSW Public Sector Wage Rise


The NSW Government announced a new public sector wages policy on the 7th June 2022 to provide increased pay for public sector employees including nurses, teachers and paramedics.

Member for Goulburn Wendy Tuckerman said the new two-year policy will provide among the highest public sector wages growth in the country with employees offered a 3.0 per cent remuneration increase per annum in 2022-23 and 2023-24, with a possible further 0.5 per cent on offer in 2023-24 for employees who make a substantial contribution to productivity enhancing reforms.

“This provides for remuneration increases of up to 6.5 per cent over two years under the new policy”, Mrs Tuckerman said.

The policy will apply to new industrial agreements that are struck from 1 July 2022.

The NSW Government announced an additional one-off payment of $3,000 to be provided to employees in the NSW Health Service in recognition of their work on the frontline of the COVID19 pandemic. The payment covers paramedics, midwives, cleaners and all other permanent staff employed by the NSW Health Service.

However, the NSW Public Service Association (PSA) has criticised the government for not keeping up with inflation, which sits at 5.1 per cent, and is calling an increase to wages by a minimum of 5.2 per cent for all Public Sector workers, with any increase to superannuation paid on top of that, and to pay superannuation on the unpaid portion of the first 12 months of parental leave for members.

To this end demonstrations were held on the 8th June in Sydney, with concurrent marches held across the state, including Wagga Wagga, Tamworth, and Broken Hill.

However, not everyone was unhappy about the wage rise, with the Health Services Union (HSU) NSW, the sector which is receiving the $3,000 one-off payment, welcoming the news. The HSU said the pay rise, coupled with the payment, means pay rises will effectively be more than 5.5 per cent for health service workers.

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