International Women’s Day Celebration at Dalton

Dalton's Women's Day Picnic

Dr Kath Kovac organised an International Women’s Day picnic in Dalton last week, which was attended by 15 women and several young children from Dalton, Jerrawa and Gunning.

Participants heard some enlightening stories from elders over the age of 70 years about life in decades gone by, the “good old days”, when women had a career choice of teacher or nurse, when women were sacked once married or pregnant, when women couldn’t buy property without the signature of a husband or male relative, and when women worked in heavily male-dominated workplaces they received no support and far less pay.

The participants agreed that each generation of women face their own challenges, and that the fight for equal rights and to be fully supported is far from over, no matter what legislation or employment guidelines say.

The women also talked about what resources and support and facilities we would like to see in their towns. Suggestions were wide ranging and included:

  • A fully-resourced community centre with wifi, kid’s games and toys, lounge space, kitchen, and a separate, safe, accessible space for women and girls of all ages to gather, share resources and activities, help and support each other
  • An indoor heated pool
  • A day spa and a wine bar!
  • Shared workspaces for those working from home
  • More fun activities like belly dancing and pole dancing
  • A fully fenced inclusive playground
  • Regular women’s gatherings/get togethers.

Underlying all these ideas was a desire for connection, and for safe spaces to gather together and provide support for each other.

Dr Kovac is interested in gathering more ideas from women in Dalton and Gunning about what they would like to see to support women and children. She’s also very interested in forming a local group or committee to turn these ideas into reality. Please get in touch with her by emailing:

By Dr Kath Kovac & Karen Smith

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