Community Organisation Urge Climate Action


Ahead of the global climate change conference in November, 100 community Australian service organisations and charities have signed the “Community Sector Climate Declaration” calling on the Federal Government to commit to stronger emission reduction targets and fair and inclusive policies to cut climate pollution this decade, with clear agreement that 2050 is too late to protect people from more dangerous climate change.

The CEO of the Australian Council of Social Services (ACOSS) Dr Cassandra Goldie, said the community sector is compelled to speak out for stronger action to address climate change because rapidly worsening climate change is hurting disadvantaged people in our communities the hardest.

“Community organisations are increasingly on the frontline of helping communities hit hard by the impacts of more intense and frequent bushfires, drought, floods, storms, and heatwaves, made worse by climate change.

“We have seen firsthand the increasing devastation of climate change impacts on communities: affecting their mental and physical health; homes; jobs; general quality of life, and sadly loss of life.

“People with the least are impacted by climate change first, worse, and longest. This is made even worse by a slow or poorly managed transition because people who are financially or socially disadvantaged have fewer resources to cope, adapt and recover.

“The current debate about whether the federal government should commit to a target of net zero emissions by 2050 is completely divorced from the reality of what is needed to protect the people and communities bearing the brunt of climate impacts. Waiting until 2050 will be too late. Our failure to act faster and more fairly will be unforgivable,” Dr Goldie said.

Organisations that have signed the Climate Declaration include Anglicare, Community Mental Health Australia, Financial Counselling Australia, Oxfam, Save the Children, St Vincent De Paul’s Society, The Benevolent Society, Uniting Communities and more.

You can see what the organisations have said about climate change by accessing the Community Declaration.

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