Christmas Gift Giving Guide for Women

Written by: The Yass Phoenix

Christmas Gift Giving Guide for Women

Some of the more common hobbies shared by women in our region include following favourite rugby league or union teams. Clubs often retail rugby shirts, jerseys, and paraphernalia, so do check them out.

Cooking is a passion for many people, and we are fortunate to have specialist cookware stores in our region. Great gifts from stores such as this include specialist cookware sets (e.g. think paella pans, woks, copper-based saucepans), famous brand crockery, delightful cake storage containers, and elegant cutlery sets.

For the woman who enjoys creating art and craft, there are several excellent options for them. In terms of sourcing raw materials, don’t forget that vouchers from wool, fabric, and art supply stores are a great way to ensure that your loved one can select the materials that appeal to them and best meet their needs.

A skillfully executed portrait is also something to contemplate for your loved one. This can be achieved by arranging a photoshoot with a photographer or else providing a local artist with a photo.

For the teenage girl in your life, think about updating their electronic equipment. These days the modern phone performs all the functions of transistor radios, record players, cassette players, cameras, and computers, for that matter. Find out what kind of ‘device’ your teenager currently has and talk to a telephone retailer about an upgrade. If buying a new phone is out of budget, then think about buying them a new phone case – there are different colours and styles to suit every teenager’s taste.

In terms of providing your woman with experiences, think pampering. Massages, beauty and nail salons, reflexology, and aromatherapy are all wonderful ways to say “thank you for all you do for me and the family. Here’s something just for you”. Consider arranging more than one session – think mid-January as well as early February after children return to school.

Another great experience is a road trip in our area. Think about visiting smaller towns. Walk around Binalong and go for a swim in its Memorial Swimming Pool (open from 10am - 7pm). Visit one of the wonderful llama, alpaca and donkey farms in the Yass Valley. Go for a scenic drive to Wee Jasper and undertake a tour of Carey’s Cave (don’t forget to make a booking before leaving home:

Consider wine cellar tours. Our region is renowned for its fine wines, so you might consider a cellar door tour so that the special woman in your life can pick out a few of her favourites. Our cellar door guide is at: Trip Planner | Canberra District Wine Industry Association (

No matter what sort of gifts you decide to provide the women in your life, don’t forget that the very best gift is time – the time you spend together sharing experiences, talking over the old days, and making new memories.

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