Affinity Labs Launches New Method for Phosphorous Acid Residue Analysis

Written by: The Yass Phoenix


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To support wine producers concerned about the potential for breaching residue limits in export markets, Affinity Labs has just launched a new method for analysing phosphorous acid in grapes and wine. Using the latest liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry techniques, the team can now deliver results within a turnaround time of 10 rather than 15 days. The price for phosphorous acid analysis has also dropped significantly with the launch of the new method.

Phosphorous acid is a fungicide registered for use in Australian vineyards, where it is used to treat outbreaks of downy mildew. It is important for wine exporters to understand if their wines have any residues of Phosphorous acid, because some export markets including China, Argentina and India, have very low or no tolerance for Phosphorous acid residues in wine.

Information about residue limits in different markets is available from the AWRI’s agrochemicals online search function and agrochemicals app:

To find out more about the new method, or to book in samples for analysis, contact Affinity Labs’ customer service team on 08 8313 0444 or

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